Artificial Intelligence, Care Coordination and Professional Services Solutions

Developing and deploying artificial intelligence and care management technology in human services requires a deep understanding of human services practice. When used by caseworkers and care managers, AI and care coordination technology augment care coordination, they do not replace it.

With this ‘augmentation’ concept at the center of our solutions – built from a combination of AI, care coordination technology, and professional services – we provide the capabilities required by caseworkers, supervisors, and agencies as a whole to put the client at the center of care.

Case Workers Playng With 2 happy Children

Solution Brief: Artificial Intelligence

Our AI solutions provide staff with access to the deep and complex histories of the clients and families they care for. A few examples are the use of AI to summarize case notes, as well as to recommend goals and actions to augment the ability of a caseworker to provide car

Solution Brief: Care Coordination Technology

A client with complex needs is typically better served through an integrated care plan rather than via disparate programs, each with its own case management activities. Our Care Coordination platform, which is based on IBM Watson Care Manager, enables teams across silos and organizations to securely share information, collaborate, and harmonize the care they provide to clients and their families

Solution Brief: Professional Services – Consultancy and System Deployment

The adoption of new technologies, including our AI and care-coordination solutions, requires education and support for planning, configuration, deployment and the many facets of ongoing usage. From both information technology and business process perspectives, we offer a suite of services designed to align our software with an agency’s clinical and operational realities, to ensure that set-up and deployment go smoothly, and to provide expert support for the long run.