About Us

Our AI Philosophy

Adherence to a standard set of design principles, built on a foundation of ethical best practices and patient/client-centered care, is critical to the responsible deployment of artificial intelligence. Based on our knowledge about and experience with the effective use of technology in human services, we have created an AI philosophy framework that guides our product development, our work with clients, and our commitment to improving processes, practices and outcomes.



Our History

Augmented Intelligence Technologies, Inc. grew out of our decades of thought leadership, strategic planning, project management, policy and practice development, and research relating to human services. Indeed, our founders and senior advisors have worked closely with human services professionals, agencies and organizations across the country at every level. Augmented Intelligence is an offshoot of Stewards of Change (SOC), a human services “think and do” tank and consultancy founded in 2005 after providing a variety of services to the federal Administration for Children and Families of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, followed by successful work on foster parent recruitment for the Bloomberg administration in New York City.

SOC built its national reputation by holding highly respected annual symposia at the Yale School of Management, bringing together senior human services leaders, scholars, industry officials and related professionals from across the U.S. to identify, share and disseminate best practices, adapt and apply cutting-edge tools and models, and facilitate positive change. More recently, through its nonprofit Institute, SOC moved its annual symposia to John Hopkins University in order to expand its reach, advance its vision and cultivate broader communities of human services leaders to drive innovation, reform and progress.

In 2016, SOC examined the applicability of artificial intelligence in child welfare and human services. The research was summarized in a white paper titled “Improving Processes and Procedures in Child Welfare: Is Cognitive Computing Part of the Solution?” The broad, positive professional response to this publication – as well as its specific findings and conclusions – helped us to understand the benefits of developing and deploying AI for human services organizations. Augmented Intelligence was established to translate this understanding into tangible solutions that generate lasting value for organizations such as yours.